How to update firmware plusnet hub one

how to update firmware plusnet hub one

how to update firmware plusnet hub one

 · You can do this by going to from your browser's address bar. This will bring up the router control panel and the firmware version is listed at the bottom of the page - the latest version is please let us know if you're on a different version.

 · My Hub One has firmware .....237.2.2 with 'Last update: unknown'. The router is fairly new (I've had it a couple of months) and I switched it off for a fortnight when I was on holiday in the second half of September, so maybe it's not surprising that it hasn't yet been updated.

My Hub One says: Plusnet Hub One | Software version | Last updated 04/08/17 Surely this is not the latest version. How to I

 · Mine is running Plusnet Hub One | Software version | Last updated 27/03/19 . Works fine as long as 5ghz is off otherwise it keeps saying "internet may not be available (yes tried any fixes i can find) Message 5 of 12 (1,365 Views) 0 Thanks Highlighted. Mads. Plusnet Help Team Posts: 1,803. Thanks: 186. Fixes: 78. Registered: ‎06-08-2018. Re: Hub One Firmware Update …

There are currently all sorts of wireless problems with the Hub One firmware that Plusnet have been trying to fix for over a year. If you go onto Ebay and spend less than £20 you can solve these issues by buying a BT Smarthub 6.

Hello, my firmware did have a 2017 firmware but after restoring a backup config (after a dhcp assignment couldn't be deleted and prevented device connecting ... 😣 .. for another post) a couple of months ago, the firmware date is still on 2016..Plusnet Hub One | Software version

The Plusnet Hub One is a re-branded BT HomeHub 5A, which is not a new device, and the Plusnet firmware will have been based on the fairly mature firmware for the BT HomeHub 5A. Message 2 of 206 (17,378 Views) 0 Thanks Highlighted. Chris. Legend Posts: 17,723. Thanks: 598. Fixes: 168. Registered: ‎05-04-2007. Re: Hub One Firmware Updates Fix ‎21-05-2016 1:26 PM. Mark as New; Bookmark ...

I’m on the same version - the Hub just updated a bit later. I bought the Smart Hub as an upgrade for the one which comes with Plusnet - a rebranded Home Hub 5. I’ve noticed it hasn’t updated to the latest firmware version - From Keith’s posting, it sounds as if it may not do so on BT’s network.

 · You need either a member of staff to give the right people a nudge, or wait until your hub automatically updates. Regarding the latest firmware, some other users are reporting issues. I was one of them. So if possible, it might be worth seeing if they can send the one ending 259 for the time being.

 · Why only an interim solution? The Smarthub 6 is superior to a Hub One, which under the ugly case is an old BT Home Hub 5a with tweeked firmware. Don't waste your time with the Hub One. Plusnet is a budget ISP and this is reflected in the hardware that they supply.

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